Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed

Real Advice from the Trenches
Author: Steve Bergeron


You have done all the planning, and the night of your wedding reception has finally arrived. As you enter the reception venue to a room full of guests, the excitement is overwhelming, and you know the night is going to be one that everyone will remember for years to come.

Then, before you can blink, dancing is sporadic at best, guests are filing out the door, and the night ends much too early, leaving you feeling robbed of what should have been an enjoyable event for you, your friends and family. What happened?

Read Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed
  • Where not to put the bar
  • When to start the reception
  • What to do about the kids
  • Warning about theme receptions
  • Room layout disasters
  • What guests really want
  • Your attitude is everything
  • Your three main reception vendors
  • How to avoid guests filtering out
After thousands of consultations I have found that Brides and Grooms just like you want 3 things from their wedding receptions that include:

1. Events that proceed smoothly

2. Guests that don’t file out early

3. Dancing and a good time had by all

Shockingly, most receptions that do not meet these three objectives are doomed from the start due to bad preplanning decisions that could have easily been avoided.

When it comes to planning one of the most important events in your life don’t assume you've got all the answers when it comes to your Wedding Reception.

In this groundbreaking book, Wedding Professional Steve Bergeron shares with you some never before revealed common mistakes brides and grooms make when planning for the biggest party of their lives, their wedding receptions. Don't be the next victim of poor wedding reception planning. Don't let a potentially great reception fizzle out and end early.


Hi, my name is Steve Bergeron.
The bottom line is: if you are going to listen to one person on how to keep guests at your wedding reception dancing, drinking, socializing, and enjoying themselves, you should listen to someone whose job it is to entertain at weddings.

With over twenty years of experience as a professional mobile DJ, I will share inside secrets to keeping your guests at the wedding reception happy and having a great time.

But don't be confused!
This book is not all about the DJ you hire. This book also isn’t about cheesy DJ games and activities. In fact your DJ is only one portion of the many tips and secrets presented in this book.

FACT: Wedding trends will come and go but the fundamentals of how enjoy yourself and keep your reception guests entertained never will.

Before planning for your reception, read this eye-opening book first, and discover shocking secrets that are overlooked by brides and grooms seeking an unforgettable Wedding Reception.
Sure to give you some “Ah ha” moments,
Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed is one book you will never regret reading!

In Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed (Real Ideas from the Trenches) there are 12 chapters that cover specific elements of your reception. Those twelve chapters include:

Chapter One we will introduce the three criteria. These are the three most common expectations that thousands of brides and grooms I have worked for over the years have in common when it comes to their wedding receptions. These three criteria lay the foundation for everything in this book.

Chapter Two will cover and make you see why the DJ (or entertainment) is the most important aspect of your wedding reception. A big chunk of your wedding receptions success depends on you realizing this and knowing how to use it to your advantage.

Chapter Three will provide you with information on how to keep your wedding reception guests from straying. Distractions can send your guests in directions that will reduce the chances of a fun and cohesive wedding reception.

Chapter Four talks about the fact that your guests can get bored at your wedding reception if you’re not careful. Bored guests tend to lose interest and leave early. Let’s keep them engaged with the useful tips presented in this chapter.

Chapter Five dives into the often overlooked dynamic makeup of your wedding reception guests. Each of your guests will fall into one of 3 simple categories. Knowing these categories will help you rethink your planning strategy.

Chapter Six will give you 10 simple and straight forward tips and suggestions that are commonly overlooked during the wedding reception planning. Trust me when I say that these are tips you won't want to ignore and you could regret it if you do.

Chapter Seven goes into depth about the importance of finding, utilizing, and getting the most out of the wedding reception venue that you choose. In addition, a process for doing this will be laid out in an easy to follow format.

Chapter Eight will provide you with information concerning children and wedding receptions. Children are often a concern at wedding receptions and can be a challenge. We will discuss how to handle them and what you should expect.

Chapter Nine is all about trying something different. Want to avoid a “cookie cutter” wedding reception? Here are some ideas that will get you started but be warned!

Chapter Ten covers who the three main wedding reception vendors are. We will take a look at why it is crucial that these three vendors see eye to eye and why it matters to you and your guests that they do.

Chapter Eleven examines you. Well, your attitude to be more precise. Attitude is everything and if you don’t have the right one you will be doomed into having a lousy wedding reception. So be ready for your event by taking to heart and living the tips shared in this section.

Chapter Twelve will reveal the two biggest secrets that will get you knock out service from your wedding reception vendors and provide you with a few extra perks along the way.

At the end, you will find the most important advice as to what you can do when it comes to planning your wedding reception.


When I set out to write this book about the inside secrets to planning wedding receptions I wondered if I’d earned the right to talk about the wedding reception planning topics I present in this book. I then had to take a step back and remind myself that I have been the wedding reception DJ for over 1,000 wedding receptions in my ongoing career.

Not a whole lot of people in the wedding reception business can say that. Whenever I read a column in a Wedding magazine I always wonder what kind of experience the writer has. Was the article written from personal experience or from doing research? And if it was from personal experience is their article based on only one incident. I wonder!

I subtitled this book “Real Ideas from the Trenches” for a reason. It is because I am not a column writer who happens to be interested in wedding receptions. Rather, I am someone who has lived and breathed wedding receptions every weekend since 1987. Always the first to arrive and the last to leave I have seen it all. Now I want to share what I’ve learned about wedding receptions with you.


I am well aware that as a bride or groom planning for a wedding reception you are a very busy person. Whether work, family, school or other factors I know that you have your hands full as you plan for your wedding reception. I promise this book “Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed” will be an easy read. I t is not a lengthy scientific book full of theories and fodder. In fact, this book about planning wedding receptions contains no fluff and will get to the point quickly. What you can expect from “Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed” are tips and anecdotes that you can use to plan for your very own successful wedding reception.
Good luck to you and I wish the very best in all of your wedding reception planning!

About Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed

Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed started as a small article that I (author Steve Bergeron) was preparing for a popular Wedding website. Within days of starting the article the project took on a life of its own and kept growing and growing. The more I wrote the more I was able to relive hundreds of personal wedding reception experiences that I learned from. As one idea quickly led to the next, I became obsessed with the idea that I wanted to pass those learning experiences on to you.

The ideas, tips, and advice offered in Wedding Reception Secrets revealed came to fruition through a culmination of years of personal participation in thousands of events I have been a part of. I have literally seen Wedding Receptions take a complete nose dive and others that were thrilling till the last song that was played.

Please trust me when I say that when it comes to your Wedding Reception that there are things you should and should not do to ensure that you and everyone in attendance will remember your Wedding Reception forever.

Finally… Please know this:

Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed gets right to the point and puts your wedding reception expectations in clear perspective through the use of helpful anecdotes and straight forward talk.

Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed is an enjoyable read from cover to cover. The book gets to the heart of the matter and is guaranteed to get you thinking in a new direction.

Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed is an enjoyable read from start to finish.

With no fluff! With no Fodder! Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed cuts to the chase by talking about what really matters to you and your Wedding Reception guests.

I would love to hear from you and here is how to get in touch with me.


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